Founders of hackathon are the Police, Ministry of Public Administration and City of Ljubljana - Municipal Police Department. Coorganizers include ABC accelerator, Technology park Ljubljana in collaboration with technological partners: IBM, GDi Ljubljana, Comtrade and XLab.

Don’t hesitate, apply and use your knowledge to help ensure greater safety FOR EVERYONE!


The purpose of hackathon (a public prize competition) is to gain functional ideas and digital solutions related to safety and mobility in the broadest sense of the word.

Our goal is to learn how can we contribute to less vulnerability, greater general and personal safety as well as improved mobility.

Using modern technology to obtain innovative and effective solutions!
We are interested in solutions connected with mobility and general safety in the broadest sense of the word which we need or miss as citizens. We wish to know how Police and Municipal Police Department in Ljubljana could perform their job even better. You or someone you know has certainly found themselves in a dangerous situation – such an event can easily be remedied with a suitable technological solution!
Are you aware that technology serves as a basis for navigation process simplification, localization data usage as well as solving problems in urban logistics, transporting and electrification?
Do you know how technology contributes to greater safety and mobility today?
Do you feel it is being used well enough?

We believe it could be used even more efficiently. If you agree with us, we kindly invite you to apply for the hackathon where you will have the chance to collaborate with the BEST technological companies and ace mentors! Of course, you will also have the chance to win attractive prizes!
In view of problems that concern personal safety, citizen participation and mobility, we have designed 4 concrete challenges to which participants will provide answers and solutions:
- CHALLENGE 1: aiding citizens and their safety (including digital)
- CHALLENGE 2: preventive action
- CHALLENGE 3: creative solutions related with mobility in the broadest sense of the word (personal, sustainable etc.)
- CHALLENGE 4: strengthening the reputation of Police and Municipal Police departments

Hackathon will proceed in two parts
. In the first part, which will take place on 5th and 6th October 2019, in the form of a 2-day challenge, participants will devise a basic layout for an IT solution with help from mentors. In the final event in the second part, which will occur on 22nd October 2019, the best three solutions selected by the audience will be presented by respective teams. The first three teams will receive awards.

1st part: ABC HUB, BTC City Ljubljana
2nd part: Police Directorate Moste

Who can apply?
who believes they can use modern technologies and functional ideas to improve the general safety, mobility as well as the work of Police and Municipal Police can apply.

The best three teams with winning ideas (these will be chosen by the review committee) will receive monetary awards.


1st place – 2.500 EUR
2nd place – 1.500 EUR
3rd place – 1.000 EUR
Selected teams will be included in a mentorship and counselling programme where they will develop their idea into a fully functional application with a broader (and practical) potential with the help from experts coming from Technology park Ljubljana and technological partners.
Data from the public portal OPSI and other relevant public sources will be made available to all teams. Furthermore, mentors from technological partners will be on hand for assistance in application development on Microsoft, IBM an ESRI platforms.

Ministry of Public Administration which manages the national portal of open data – OPSI ( is the founder of hackathon together with Police and City of Ljubljana - Municipal Police Department. In organizational and technical matters, we are helped by Technology park Ljubljana (Odeon project, Interreg Mediterran programme), ABC Accelerator, Ljubljana, Microsoft d.o.o., Ljubljana, IBM Slovenija d.o.o., GDi d.o.o., Ljubljana, Comtrade d.o.o. and Xlab d.o.o. In expert matters, we are also collaborating with University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science, and University of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.
Don’t hesitate, apply and use your knowledge to help ensure safety and mobility FOR EVERYONE!