1) Who can apply?

Anyone with an idea who would like to see it implemented in a real-world environment. Everyone is welcome, form novices to professionals, thinkers and enthusiasts. Anyone who is interested in travelling with a cultural and gastronomic note. Because hackathon is technical in nature, invite your programmer colleagues too. We are looking for software buffs as well as subject matter experts.

3) Will I work on my idea at hackathon?

Not necessarily. As challenges are set in advance and because each contestant must write their own idea in the application, the decision regarding the idea is team-based. To be prepared, it is worthwhile to design the concept of idea development strategy in advance. If you are well prepared and know more on this topic, there is a greater chance that the team will decide on your idea.

5) What is the age limit?

Applicants must be 18 years old or more. As the challenges are very creative, it is desired that the contestants are as varied in age and profile as possible.

7) What is the plan of hackathon? We get an assignment – and then what?

The timetable of hackathon can be found under the tab “More on hackathon”. On arrival, contestants will receive challenges they were assigned to, who are they grouped with and what is their “job”. In the beginning, team will receive guidelines, regarding development of their idea. Teams choose whether they will follow these guidelines or not. Group activities will be monitored by mentors with different backgrounds coming from ABC Accelerator and other technological partners. Mentors will provide counselling to contestants and guidance if things will not go the right way. End results of teams will be reviewed by an expert committee. What they will focus on, is described in the call for participants of the public competition

9) If I stay overnight, where will I sleep?

These kinds of events do not offer many opportunities to rest. An area for resting will be provided in a “quiet office” (deck chairs). Other overnight accommodations are not organized. If you feel, there is no need for overnight work, you can take care of accommodation on your own accord.

2) How detailed should my idea be in the application form?

Most of all, it is important to have an idea! In the application form, present your idea in a few sentences, which will be enough for starters. A submitted idea is the condition for entrance to the competition. An original idea will spark interest in the review committee. A more detailed concept can represent an advantage in the application process. So don’t hesitate – submit your thoughts, ideas, and views.

4) Who will I be teamed-up with?

The review committee will choose participants based on applications. If you apply independently, you will be assigned to a suitable team according to your knowledge and experience. It is also possible to apply as a team (with friends)! HOWEVER – each contestant has to fill out their own application form!

6) Are there any conditions regarding education?

Education is not a condition in hackathon. It is important that your idea is original. At the competition, what matters is creativity, originality, teamwork, and receptiveness to new ideas. All these things combined can take your idea to a whole other level than what was planned at the start.

8) What should I have with me?

As it is a business hackathon, any materials that you use for creating business plans are needed e.g. a laptop, notebook etc. The final presentation is created accordingly – if you will use a laptop, the presentation will be in the form of a ppt or keynote file; if you will use a notebook, you will use flip charts, which can be used for presentation of final product.