Hackathon Ljubljana: create Ljubljana’s
mobility future in 2030


25. – 26. 04. 2018


Why apply for the competition?

This is your opportunity to present your innovative idea to potentially more than 2500 participants from across the European Union including public authorities, transport companies, project promoters, public and private banks, investors.


25. – 26. 4. 2018


Gospodarsko Razstavišče – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre


Among all registered people, we will choose 80 participants



What does Ljubljana look like in 2030?


Imagine you just landed in Ljubljana’s central Prešernov trg square on 25 April 2030. You have visited the city at the big TEN-T event in 2018 where innovative companies and entrepreneurs presented their ideas on the “Future of Mobility”. Some of their ideas came to life and some of them didn’t. The city of Ljubljana itself invested in achieving goals like reducing greenhouse gas emissions, encouraging people to walk and cycle more, zero road accidents, and increasing the use of public transport.

In 2018 you didn’t know what kind of technology would prove to be successful, but you did know that changes were to come. You were able to look one step beyond the ideas presented and came up with new ideas on top of that – taking into account the social, economic and transport needs of Ljubljana. Your business plan convinced investors to finance your project. City leaders were inspired by you and incorporated your ideas in their strategies. As a result, the city of Ljubljana has made great progress in being a clean, sustainable city that attracts business in 2030.

Do you want to be the person in this story, standing there in Ljubljana’s central Prešernov trg square on 25 April 2030? Then the first step is to register as a participant for the hackathon.

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What is needed to register?

  • You are highly motivated to make Ljubljana a clean, sustainable and even more people-friendly city to live and work.
  • You have the ability to think outside the box when it comes to smart and innovative urban mobility solutions
  • You are an expert that likes to work in multidisciplinary teams and as a result, you come up with ideas that include technology, user design thinking, and financing aspects
  • You just adore a good challenge.
  • If you are selected, you will be part of a team that is challenged to prepare an idea in no more than 2 days and present this idea in 3 minutes time at Ten-T Days, the largest transport event in Europe.


What do we offer?

  • We can select up to 80 persons, that will be working in 20 teams at the Ten-T Days
  • Teams will get active coaching during the hackathon
  • Teams will be prepared to pitch to a jury existing of industry leaders and high-level decision makers


Prize pool of 9.000,00 € 

For the best teams we have prepared attractive monetary rewards of 9.000,00 EUR. 

Top three teams will receive prizes of:
– 1st place: 4.000,00 €, powered by Petrol
– 2nd place: 3.000,00 €, powered by BTC
– 3rd place: 2.000,00 €, powered by Autonomous Vehicles Living Lab

Monetary rewards will be transferred directly to accounts of individual team members.

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