Are you tempted to apply for the challenge,
but you still have some doubts?
Find answers to frequently asked questions below.

In the application, you have to describe your idea - how extensive does it have to be?

It is extremely important that you have your idea! In the application, you simply have to explain it in a few sentences and that will be enough for the start. The proposed idea is a prerequisite for entering the competition, but uniqueness of your idea will bring higher committee attention to it during selection process. So with a more detailed description of your concept you will have an advantage in the TEN-T days Hackathon participant selection process.

Therefore, with no hesitation – share your concepts and ideas, visions, etc. šŸ™‚

What about education?

It is not a prerequisite. It is important that your idea is original. In the competition there are things more important than education. Creativity, originality, the ability to work in a team and openness to new ideas in the competition can take your idea to an entirely different direction than it is at this moment. Understanding of new technologies, experience with application development and knowledge of latest trends within UX and CX is your advantage.

Will I be working on my own idea at the TEN-T days Hackathon?

That isnā€™t necessary. However, since you never know, you should continue developing your own idea and create a strategy on how to promote and present it to your team members at the TEN-T days Hackathon.

Who will I be in the team with?

Based on the applications, the committee will select the participants and assemble the teams. If you have a preference with who you want to be in the team, please inform us about this in your application.

How old do i have to be?

For the TEN-T days Hackathon the only condition is at least 18 years. Since this is an extremely creative and dynamic event, it is desired that there is also a diversity of age.


Can I apply with a team?

If you already have a team, of course, you can apply together. You have to indicate in the application form (field: Team members) that you are applying as a team and who are your team members. However, each member of the team must register individually, so we can collect all necessary information for further communication to all the contestants. Due to a large number of individuals who apply, your team must be prepared to accept some additional members that we might assign you. Groups composition could be slightly changed on the day of the event due to the potential absences of the participants.

If I need some time off to think, where can I rest?

On such events, there is little rest. A resting area corner will be arranged. If you think that you will not need continuous work, you can, of course, time some time for yourself. But! You should not forget that this is a team competition. You will coordinate everything with your team during the competition. In any case, you should bring some comfortable clothes.

What do I need to have with me?

Since the TEN-T days Hackathon is also of a technical nature, you should bring a laptop or other tools that you will be able to work with. Since you most likely work with a laptop, the final presentation WILL be in power point, keynote or a live demonstration.

When will I know if I'm accepted?

Applications will close onĀ 18Ā April 2018Ā  will be closed. All applicants will be informed about accepted applications on 20 AprilĀ 2018.

What If my team wants to continue with the work after the opening hours of Gospodarsko razstaviŔče?

You should first discuss the options with your team. ABC Accelerator’s doors will be open for the most enthusiastic teams also after the GR hours.

How will it look like? We get the task - what then? Who is responsible for what? How do you develop the idea?

The schedule of the competition is posted on theĀ “MORE INFO”, where a detailed course of event is written. Prior to the arrival, competitors will receive additional data on which they will work and be able to prepare for the Hackathon. Competitors will learn with whom they are in a group and what their role in the group is at the opening part in the morning of the event. Teams receive guidelines at the beginning in which direction to develop an idea, how they develop it depends on each individual team. During the competition the teams are accompanied all the time by members of the judging committee, representatives of TEN-T days organizers, ABC Accelerator and external experts.
Professional tutors will be present to assist the teams at all times. The committee is assembled so it covers as many segments as possible. The committee will also be guiding you during the competition, if you wander too far with the development of your ideas. At the same time, the committee grades everything: enthusiasm of individuals, their teamwork, how the idea is developing, the presentation at the end of the competition and of course, a presented plan to execute from the idea to the product, with all aspects accounted for.