Hackathon “My safety and mobility”

The design of an IT solution should address the general challenges of:
- Aiding citizens
- Preventive action
- strengthening the reputation of Police and Municipal police departments


Challenges that are related to Police and Municipial Police Department work are focused on safety and mobility:
The purpose of the hackathon is gaining functional ideas using technologies for mobile services for “My safety and mobility”, which should be presented from the viewpoint of citizens and their safety. What is the best way that Police and Municipal Police Department could further improve on their work in your opinion and ensure greater safety? What do you as citizens need or miss, what could everyone do to contribute to less vulnerability, increased general and personal safety and better mobility.
Modern technology offers many solutions which could be used to interconnect citizens and police. Imagine different security situations which could involve you, your friend, child, coworker, mother, father or grandmother and in what way would present-day technology help in addressing such situations.